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Unlike most other pets, cats are notorious for being able to clean themselves regularly without the need of your assistance. With bodies that can bend all of the way backward in order to lick even the most private of areas, cats can generally groom themselves on a regular basis without any assistance from you. In fact, cats not only can groom themselves on their own – it may be more beneficial for them as well.

A cat’s tongue is designed to help groom itself. As a result, it actually has many benefits for your cat’s overall health, including:

  • Removing dead skin cells gently.
  • Easily removing fallen/stuck hairs.
  • Improving your cat’s blood circulation.
  • Helping to tone your cat’s muscles.

A cat’s tongue is quite clean and designed for this purpose, which is why most cats can get along just fine on their own even if they are never groomed by their owners.

However, some grooming can be beneficial for your cats. There are areas of your cat that tend to get less attention, and if you are able to groom them correctly, your cat will be cleaner, and likely healthier as well.

Tips for Cat Grooming

Obviously it is a good idea to give your cat a light brushing and a bath now and then. Cats are not fond of water, but on rare occasion these baths can help clear away any dirty and debris that your cat may have missed. But beyond that there are a few additional tips for grooming your cats that you should use whenever you decide to clean your pet.

1)      Cleaning the Inside of Your Cat’s Ears

One of the places your cat is unable to reach is inside their own ears. Inside of their sensitive ears can be a variety of different pieces of dirt, bacteria and mites that may result in at worst health problems, and at best annoying irritations for your pet. That is why whenever you choose to groom your cat you should always check inside their ears and possibly use a cat ear cleaning solution in order to remove any particles and living things that may have built up in there over time.

2)      Make Grooming Rewarding

Another tip for the cat groomer is to make sure that the entire process of grooming is a rewarding experience. Provide your cat with a variety of tasty treats as you are grooming in order to have your cat looking forward to you handling it. Cats can be grouchy at times if you try to groom them without their permission. But when you give your cat a treat before and during the grooming process, you are able to keep your cat’s attention away from the grooming and make the entire experience extremely rewarding.

3)      Cut Your Cat’s Claws

You have no doubt watched as your cat has attempted to scratch up your furniture (or hopefully a scratching post). Often times cats will scratch items a great deal, especially if their claws grow longer. While you cannot stop scratching behavior, you can reduce the damage that your cats do to your furniture by cutting your cat’s claws regularly to make them shorter and less painful. Not only will this reduce damage, but when your cats jump on your lap you will not have any painful accidents.

Cat Grooming

Some cat owners believe that you need to be grooming your cat all the time. In general, however, your cat can keep itself clean on its own, and does not require much work on your part – especially if you are raising an indoor cat. However, on occasion you are going to want to give your cat a nice grooming in order to reduce the likelihood of skin and hair irritation. Follow these tips and gentle grooming practices, and your cat should appreciate you  for them.