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Your dog cannot tell you when it’s sick. No matter how ill it feels or how much pain your dog is in, if your dog sees your smiling face looking down at it, its tail will wag and it will pant excitedly. Dogs will always appear happy, and are willing to ignore all of the pain simply to show you that they love you.

This type of unconditional love is great when you need a friend, but terrible when you are worried about your pet. How are you going to tell when your dog is sick if it is unable to share any feeling with you other than “I’m so happy you’re here!”?

One of the most common ways that dogs can worry their owners is when they are experiencing a large amount of diarrhea. It is not uncommon for a dog owner with an extremely house trained dog to wake up and find that their dog left wet stool all over the floor. When dogs get diarrhea, it is a sign that something was wrong, even more so when they go against their training and leave their sick on your floor. Unexplained diarrhea can be a scary thing, and it affects pets all around the globe.

Should You Be Concerned About Diarrhea from Your Pet?
Short Answer: No.
Long Answer: Many illnesses can cause diarrhea in your pet. Diarrhea is one of the early symptoms of almost every dog illness, and could be caused by anything from rabies to worms. However, diarrhea is also caused by anything that upsets your dog’s stomach. Consider all of the things that your dog licks and eats every day:
• Food that you dropped on the floor.
• Water from puddles from the previous night’s rain.
• Cat waste.
• Grass, leaves and other greenery.
• Rotten spill from a leaky refrigerator.
• Your hand after everything you have touched.
• The bottom of your shoes.

Your dog tastes and eats everything in its path. Dogs lick things they don’t understand, they eat things that look like food, and they chew on things that are decades old. Every day they get into the some of the most disgusting items on the planet, and they do this without worrying about their health or safety.
In addition, dogs have some of the most sensitive stomachs in the animal kingdom. A single piece of bread can cause your dog considerable stomach discomfort, and certain vegetables will cause its stomach to rattle as though it was food poisoning.

Simply put, while diarrhea is most certainly a possible symptom of some terrible canine diseases, it is also a sign that your dog licked or ate something that upset its stomach, and since almost everything in the world upsets a dog’s stomach, it is easily possible that there is nothing wrong.

If your dog has diarrhea, it is worth a little bit of concern. But your next step should be to simply watch what your pet eats and see if there are any other symptoms. If the diarrhea is still occurring over a long period of time, or your dog appears to have other problems such as a lack of energy or worrisome eye gunk, it may be a good idea to take your dog to a vet. If you simply wake up and your dog has diarrhea, however, it is a good idea to wait a day or so and watch what your dog eats and its behaviors. Chances are it was nothing more than an upset stomach, and that upset stomach could have been caused by almost anything.